Connect with theMART Showroom Series: 20 CEU Webinars · 5 Weeks · Knock Out Your Credits

(Chicago, IL) Starting today, design professionals from across the country who are seeking CEU programming will have a new resource with the launch of theMART Showroom Series. Hosted each week, Monday through Thursday at 2PM CT, the initiative will feature live webinars, providing educational CEU-approved programming, free for the design community on a variety of product categories and topics.

Please consult Design Center at theMART or LuxeHome for theMART Showroom Series’ full calendar of CEUs, along with registration links to attend. Details on CEU accreditation are included for all programming, representing a number of organizations, for instance: IDCEC (ASID, IIDA and IDC), AIA, GBCI, LACES, NKBA and NARI.

Check out theMART Showroom Series – Week 1!
Monday, April 27 – Thursday, April 30 at 2PM CST

April 27: One Hour Shower: Latest in Shower Design & Technology by MOEN
Earn 1.0 Credit: IDCEC, AIA, GBCI, NKBA, NARI
What began as standing under a bucket or relying on Mother Nature for a downpour has evolved into a sophisticated shower. And a challenge for bath designers. With the plethora of available valve, trim, controller and accessory options, how do you specify solutions that meet the needs, wants and budgets of clients – from a basic “spritz and shine” shower to the ultimate home spa experience?

April 28: 411 on Fabrics by Kravet
Earn 1.0 CEU Credit
Going beyond just Textiles 101, get the 411 on Fabrics from expert Beth Greene, with decades of on-the-job experience surrounded by the textiles you select for your interior design schemes. Learn the ins and outs of fabrics: how they’re made, where they come from and how to use them. Topics in this course range from construction to quality and finishes, encompassing all relevant applications for residential use, with the addition of some very interesting historical context to offer a fully well-rounded understanding of the life of a fabric.

April 29: Why Choose Natural Stone by Artistic Tile
Earn 1.0 Credit: IDCEC, AIA, NKBA, LACES
With so many building materials on the market today, this course will remind you why architects and designers keep choosing natural stone for their projects. Throughout history we’ve seen natural stone used in iconic structures symbolizing strength and permanence. New materials strive to mimic its beauty, but genuine natural materials connect us with our planet and its future in a unique and undeniable way. Its inherent durability allows stone to perform impeccably in commercial and residential applications, interior or exterior. New technologies are also keeping stone a front runner with innovative interior design trends by introducing new textures and patterns.

April 30: The Legacy of Leather by Edelman Leather
Earn 1.0 CEU Credit
Join us as we explore the wonderful world of leather for upholstery and more. We will dig into the details of how it’s defined, how it’s made, and how it’s applied in various spaces and market segments. Learn how quality leather is durable, cleanable, and ultimately livable. Leather is a sustainable, natural product that you can feel confident specifying.

Rowland HolmesConnect with theMART Showroom Series: 20 CEU Webinars · 5 Weeks · Knock Out Your Credits