Medical Examination

The development of preventive medicine has been one of the main goals of Metropolitan Hospital since its establishment. Quality of life directly depends on prevention and discovering illnesses right at the start.

Best Doctors

Through Best Doctors, medical experts and treating physicians are working together in an innovative new way to ensure that patients make the right decisions and receive the right care.

Hospital Facilities

The Hospital has acquired the latest diagnostic equipment which minimizes both examination times and the amount of invasive procedures.This is why our doctors have been supplied with cutting edge equipment.

Neurology Department

Our neurological department is the best in UK. We offer treatments with high-end technology.We are the first to offer integrated Brain SUITE , the first of its kind in Europe.

Quality of medicines

Here, we consider the nature of drug targets, and by classifying known drug substances on the basis of the discussed principles we provide an estimation of the total number of current drug targets.

Alternative Treatment

Some healing treatments are not part of conventional medical training. People in Western countries like the United States used to consider these treatments outside the mainstream, or "alternative."